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1705, 2019

AI Posing a Threat to Mosquitoes and Not Humanity

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The incessant evolution of technology may leave the world better or worse off in the future. However today, it certainly does not change the facts that it is making our everyday lives effortless and convenient. [...]

1107, 2018

World AI Show to establish a cohesive AI environment for Singapore

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Following a successful debut in Dubai, this global series is foraying into APAC region on 17 - 18 July with a titillating line-up of global AI experts, investors, startups, AI technology providers and key government [...]

1306, 2018

3 Advancements in Artificial Intelligence that will blow your mind!

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The year of 2018 should be affectionately referred to as the ‘Year of Sci-Fi Dreams’. This is primarily due to the fact that almost every unimaginable concept from the depths of science fiction cinema has [...]